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Apple Won Again

It is sad to see Nokia is closing its flagship store on London’s Regent street after suffering slow sales and poor footfall; just after 2 years! While the fortunes of the Apple Store opposite are buoyant, with the Mac-maker frequently touting it as the most profitable store in its arsenal, Nokia’s Regent Street shop failed to generate enough interest. During same time and at same location, it is the product and user experience which dictate success of a company. Nokia should understand it was not Apple store which attract people; products in the store were the main reason customers were going to Apple store.

  1. babakjaf
    December 28, 2009 at 4:29 pm

    Apple targets 40M iPhones (http://bit.ly/5RJ5HJ) with +50% margin (http://bit.ly/8NF2Or) Nokia targets 400M phones with 7% margin for 2010!

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