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Bad Signs for a Start-up Company

When your management team is underutilized in a start-up company, office politics will take over the whole operations. Like kids; they should be busy with good activities that couldn’t find time to think about bad stuff.

In a small company everyone should be utilized 110%; your VP of engineering is on the road with field engineers and your CEO is moving the furniture in the office and going to Staples to buy stationary to save some money. If your higher management sits in the office and you have directors who communicate with other employees, you have executive assistance for a 50 people company something is wrong. When people are not busy with real operations, they feel vulnerable and start justifies their presence by artificial activities. At this stage, the whole intent is to perceive employees, board and other investors just to drag the operations for couple of more months and receive the paychecks as far as you can. Do you watch Office; they don’t have anything to do!

  1. November 27, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Interesting Read, I have a similar thread called Integrated Approach in my blog.

    K Vaishnav http://www.askthiscfo.com

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