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Cash is not King!

After posting “Is Clearwire Going to Survive?”dollar last week, I received hundreds of comments, emails and messages from different readers; technical geeks, analysts, bankers and investors. What surprised me was coherency in responses and how people from different fields are emerging on one issue; “cash flow positive” is king in this economy. For services/operation companies, burning capital intensively is not an option anymore. Probably technology companies with a niche technology can justify their initial capital requirement without meaningful revenue for a while, but an operator can not burn cash without a meaningful cash flow. Cash is not king anymore; cash flow positive is the new king!

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  1. October 8, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    Cash is GOD ! Cashflow is the high priest(ess). Somewhere else are Kings and Queens.

    But put aside this, and our attempts to guess at the fate of CLRW.

    I’d love to see CLRW break it down. What do they offer? What is the market segments? Where is their Market Segment? How many subscribers have they won in their geographies in absolute numbers / as a percent of user in geo / at a cost of how much capex per signed up customer / as a fraction of old WiMAX to new 802.16E WiMAX ?

    I’m not critical, just curious.

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